Apartments in CorvallisThe usual college housing is nothing to write home about. Whether it’s a dorm or an apartment, chances are that hundreds of students have lived there before and that the place both looks and smells like it. That’s just one of the things that makes The Union such a departure from the usual apartments in Corvallis.

In fact, The Union is so different that residents are actually excited to write home about it. To begin with, this is Corvallis’ first apartment complex to receive LEED certification. Water fixtures are low flow designs, carpets are woven from sustainable sources and the light fixtures are styled for energy saving. The rain gardens and a green roof add beauty and sustainability while opening windows make it possible to control the temperature in each apartment naturally.

Apartments in Corvallis for Students

With real estate, it’s often said that location is everything. That’s certainly true at The Union, which is located just two blocks from OSU. Residents never have to worry about being late for class or getting caught in traffic. Whether they walk or bike, campus is always within reach. Most people won’t even need to own a car when they live here and attend the University. Of course, residents with a car can still park in the complex, but they may not need to drive often.

Most apartments in Corvallis aren’t designed with college students in mind, but The Union is different. This complex’s common areas are purpose built for students. The Study Lounge is the best place to study in Corvallis. It’s a quiet retreat with plenty of cozy seating options and a sleek, modern design that almost makes studying fun. Then there’s the high speed Internet access. In every room at The Union, high speed Internet access is readily available, perfect for the hardworking student. Seriously, how did people study before the Internet?

Of course, even the most dedicated student needs to take a break to socialize once in a while. That’s why there’s the sun deck with its BBQ and lounge chairs. It’s the perfect place to kick back and meet up with some friends. Residents also won’t want to miss out on the Fireside Socials. Located around the fireplace in the second floor lounge, this place is always primed for a gathering. Unlike other apartments in Corvallis, this complex actually encourages neighbors to get together and meet each other.

Another rarity among apartments in Corvallis that is found at The Union is the community garden. Residents are free to plant and tend to their own plot and share the fruits of their labor. It’s not an amenity that will be found at any other complex in the city.

Residents also gain access to a state-of-the-art game room, a bocce ball court and cleaning and repair stations for bicycles. With so many advantages, it’s easy to see why more OSU students are choosing The Union over other apartments in Corvallis.